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KOYAANISQATSI (Time out of balance), film by Godfrey Reggio, music by RADIOMENTALE
(USA,1983, 1h20) - newly 2k restored in March 2018

Half way between documentary and visual arts, the film with no dialogues, describes a world, a planet between nature and artificial, between technology, urbanism and wild life.It is intended as a question about the evolution of our civilisation. A reference for the VJs.

Original music composed by Phil Glass, with Radiomentale new electronic approach

Since 1992, Radiomentale is a sound-System influencing on the airwaves, clubs, urban spaces, web, galleries & art centers.

A Radio Mentale performance is a live mix drawing on an eclectic range of audio sources, including movie soundtracks, ambient, experimental & electronic music, natural sounds, dialogues, artist soundworks...

1 Dj, travel from Paris

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