Films muets
A double screen video & sound installation by RadioMentale
16’35 – To be played as a loop.

This installation creates a ghostly, surreal, narrative and poetic sound & visual environment, using images mainly taken from silent films from the 30's and surrealist films from the 20's (« Sunrise » & « Faust » by Murnau, « The Fall of the Usher House » by Jean Epstein...). Forgotten faces from the past, faces from dead actors and sometimes dead musicians, who seem to communicate beyond space and time, appear in this kind of meta movie.

As usual in our work, the soundtrack would be a collage drawing on an eclectic range of audio sources, including our own electronic ambient compositions, field recordings (here a few seconds of a Philip Glass piece played during a piano concert held in the Galeria in Ljubjana) sound experiments & natural sounds. As usual, the idea is to create, here with film and sound, a very dreamy and immersive space, where fragments of fiction, echoes of forgotten melodies, parts of our common cultural memories (here, cinema) and textured sounds create an effect of a broken narrative work, which has a powerful effect on the perception and imagination of the listener.

Biography :
RadioMentale is a DJ and sound artists duo founded by Jean-Yves Leloup & Eric Pajot.  They started their career in 1992, with their own radio show, playing experimental music, concrete music, ambient & electronic. During ten years, they produced this weekly and cult radio show in Paris, Switzerland and Japan.

From the mid-90's, they started to work in the field of contemporary art, composing sountracks and soundpieces for exhibitions, and collaborating with video artists, writers, designers or film directors.

Since then, their work, their installations and performances, have been presented in various venues such as Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou, Kassel Documenta X, Luxembourg Mudam, Paris Cité de la musique, Cartier Foundation, and of course various clubs, music and cinema festivals over Europe.

Since 2000, they are known as the pioneers of « cinemix », an audiovisual performing practise quite popular in France. As Djs and sound artists, they create new soundtracks for silent and classic experimental films (by Griffith, Murnau, Keaton, Vertov, and dada and surrealist artists), but also for modern talking movies, such Antonioni's Blow Up, Gus Van Sant's Gerry, Brian De Palma's Dressed To Kill or David Cronenberg's Videodrome.

Since 2006, they started to re-edit some of the films they were remixing, adapting these movies under the shape of video & sound installations.

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