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OOF (Cinemix/DVJ)
New in its genre, this uncommon work is about mixing image and sound, gathering hundreds of synchronized sequences from movies, music videos and concerts

We know about "DJing". Now in a world full of sound and images, we can see "DVJing" emerging. Oof has launched this movement in France. He immerses himself in this audiovisual melting pot and conceives the Cineclip® in an artistic and thematic way.

Frustrated not to find video sequences of his favourite film soundtracks, Oof transforms the movies (mainly Louis de Funes) into music videos.

He has directed over 30 of them up to now with various editors. It's a work of synchronization, which condenses the most striking sequences of a full-length film with either the original soundtrack or electronic music. He reinterprets and adapts existing works (found footage), where the script becomes modified with humour, giving a modern feel. Oof tries to raise the sound to the level of the image and balance them. These videos are then ready to leave the projection room to be played in a club, venue, museum, lounge in Tokyo or Melbourne, from the Montreux or Cannes festivals, about 200 gigs worldwide.

1 artist (VDJ) + 1 assistant, travels from Paris

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