Based in Paris, Notetour is a company specialised in the booking of visual and musical projects, mainly live accompaniments to classic silent films or to recent films with few dialogues.
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TABU, a story of the south seas, film by Friedrich W. Murnau, music by ZONE LIBRE

(USA, 1931, 1h30) by Zone Libre (Serge Teyssot-Gay and Cyril Bilbeaud) - Creation Festival d'Ile de France 2014

Tabu also called Tabu, a Story of the South Seas) is a 1931 film directed by F.W. Murnau, a docufiction. The film is split into two chapters, the first called "Paradise" depicts the lives of two lovers on a South Seas island until they are forced to escape the island when the girl is chosen as a holy maid to the gods. The second chapter, "Paradise Lost", depicts the couple's life on a colonised island and how they adapt to and are exploited by Western civilisation. The title of the film comes from the Polynesian concept of tapu (spelled tabu in Tongan before 1943), from which is derived the English word "taboo."

The film's story was written by Robert J. Flaherty and F.W. Murnau; with the exception of the opening scene, the film was directed solely by Murnau. This was his last film; he died in hospital after an automobile accident on 11 March 1931, a week before the film's premiere in New York.

Zone Libre is Serge Teyssot Gay : guitar, Cyril Bilbeaud : drums, travels from Paris